Painter8: Fight or Flight Virtual Exhibition

Painter8’s “Fight or Flight” virtual art exhibition addresses a classical survival theme relevant to all in the global times we are in.
Addressing our current times, the “Fight”, “Freeze” and “Flight” response will be explored through a new collection of 20 artworks in a virtual 3D exhibition by the Canadian PAINTER8 artists: Tom Cummins (Vancouver), Tim Rechner (Edmonton), Beth Pederson (Edmonton), Craig Talbot (Cardston, AB), Adrian Williams (Berlin), Rafael Sottolichio (Montreal), and Aaron Sidorenko (Calgary). Curated by Chrissy Cheung (Vancouver). 

On June 9, the artist group PAINTER8 will be launching their 3D virtual art exhibition “Fight or Flight” for viewing until July 9. 
You can attend this virtual exhibition if you live in Canada or abroad. 
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Painter8 has made public art exhibitions since 2017 showing at Red Gate Arts Society in Vancouver, Theatre Conspiracy in Vancouver (2018), Charles Clark Gallery in Vancouver (2018), ModArt Gallery in Miami (2018) and Galerie Cité, La Cité Francophone in Edmonton (2019-20).  

Artworks are available for purchase.

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Chrissy Cheung
Curator for PAINTER8